LRP CCL 97x47mm Battery Weight (2) (0.76mm/30g)

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LRP CCL 97x47mm Battery Weights make it easy to adjust the overall weight of your chassis with a shorty style battery. Available in multiple weight options, these are a great way to increase your overall weight when running a light battery. These can also be used to add weight to different weight batteries as needed so the overall weight of the chassis is the same regardless of which battery you are running. Attached to the bottom of your battery, these will also help to lower the center of gravity and improve the handling of your car.  Part# LRP430150

Cut from brass and burnished black, these weights make it easy to adjust overall chassis weight to find the ideal balance for your setup. Package includes two weights. 

  • Black burnished brass material for higher specific weight compared to steel 
  • Tune chassis balance with light batteries 
  • Lower center of gravity and add weight to meet minimum weight requirement 
  • Lower center of gravity improves handling 
  • Available in multiple weights to match the overall weight of a chassis regardless of battery weight
  • Available for standard and shorty batteries
  • 2 pieces per package - 30 grams each