JConcepts C4.2 Aluminum Rear Bulkhead (Blue)

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This is a replacement JConcepts C4.2 Aluminum Rear Bulkhead. This is a replacement for C4.2 conversion equipped B4 vehicles that have been equipped with the optional JConcepts C4.2 Rear Suspension Kit (JCI2323). The Centro C4.2 conversion kit has been an instant hit, so JConcepts has immediately jumped on-board with options and accessories for this highly competitive vehicle. The R&D team at JConcepts quickly identified a key area where the C4.2 could be improved upon. In stock trim the C4.2 includes a molded rear bulkhead which is highly flexible and a target to damage in severe crashes. The JConcepts replacement bulkhead features an all CNC machined aluminum version which has been trimmed, narrowing the stance allowing more room for narrow rear pivot camber link adjustments. The bulkhead is available in blue or black color and has silver chamfered edges around the border and inner cut-outs. The tucked design, trimmed shape and pocketing give the racer an extremely durable yet light-weight piece. Part# 2323-1